Plastic fuel filler pipes, the pipe that leads from the gas pump nozzle to your car’s fuel tank, have an advantage over metal ones. According to a Ford Motor Co. executive, they are always looking forward to how they can increase plastic contact in their vehicles.

The pipes can be made by 3D blow molding and are 40% lighter than metal, cost less and are less susceptible to corrosion. From a design standpoint, they are also more flexible and simplistic, making them easier to attach to fuel tanks.

In the US, there has been some pushback due to safety concerns but Europe and Japan have already made the switch. Cars produced in those regions can have plastic fuel pipes but cars made in the USA cannot.

Ford is currently doing a competitive study to see how plastic and metal perform. The side by side analysis should reveal some answers about safety and durability.

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Last Modified: November 29, 2017